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Who we are

We are a young, vibrant and dynamic leading provider of immigration solutions, we are responsible for the dreams and the futures of thousands of people each year. Our mantra is: APPROVED!, We believe that everyone who applies for a visa wants to hear that word: APPROVED! It is both a privilege and a duty which we take very seriously. We discharge our duties guided by the principles below.

Passion for What We Do

We work here because we believe in the service we provide. We know how immigration laws are different from country to country. They laws also change from time to time.
We genuinely want to help people make new lives here in South Africa and we understand the impact our support can have on them. We will always go the extra mile for our customers.


We are genuinely knowledgeable about what we do. We constantly read and update our staff on all new regulations, and how these pertain and affect our customers.
We have unmatched range of understanding of Visa and work permit requirements, in South Africa, together with practical solutions to support the needs of our customers.


We act with integrity at all times.
We offer impartial, straightforward advice and we never promise more than we can deliver.


We do what we say we will do, when we say we will do it. We chat regularly and clearly with our customers and each other to set realistic expectations – and to manage them effectively when things beyond our control necessitate change. Our Facebook and twitter accounts have all updates which affect our customers and stakeholders.

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